Your Unrivalled Solar Companies in California

When it comes to the solar market in the U.S, the state of California carries the day. The reason behind this is that the state has the largest market, particularly for residential solar systems. It possesses approximately 1322 solar installers accounting for 40% of the solar capacity in the country. Therefore, this state has an average of 6.5 million homes having solar installations owing to the great sunshine, ideal incentives, and even high utility prices. As such, it can be daunting for a consumer to locate the best solar companies in California. To assist you in getting started in this quest, this piece seeks to highlight the best rated solar companies in this state.

Average Home Solar Installation Costs in California

Currently, the estimated cost of installing solar in this state is $2.90 per watt before any tax credits are factored in. While this falls below the national estimated cost of $3.05 per watt, the price tends to fluctuate with regard to aspects such as the complexity of the roof, the equipment quality as well as the installation size. The common installation sizes include small where 4kW is approximately $11600, a medium installation that is around $17400 for 6 kW and finally the large installation of 12kW reaches around $34800. For the most accurate cost estimates for consumers, it would be ideal to reach out to local installers. The unique thing is that you are bound to a personalized estimate due the federal tax credit, property tax exclusion, and other local incentives.  Even with the fact that all the 1322 solar installers can effectively install solar panels on your premises, take into account extra things such as the customer experience and the quality of the installation. The following companies are definitely going to give you such unique offerings. Read through to understand what sets each apart.

Best Rated Solar Companies in California

Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum
Solar Optimum / Source

Most customers have dubbed this firm the golden jewel in solar installation. The ideology behind this is its high-quality customer service and experience. This company possesses a near-perfect record and this has earned them ‘best of’ awards from entities such as Angie’s list and the LA Daily News. Solar Optimum has existed since 2008 and has its base in Glendale. As such, Optimum has been able to install around 10000 residential solar systems. Their selling point includes a 25-year workmanship warranty combined with the 25-year normal equipment warranty. The result is that this firm is already certified in installing premium solar products like the Enphase micro-inverters and the ultra-efficient Panasonic panels. It is an ideal choice for those that want the best customer experience coupled with top-notch equipment.

Baker Electric

Baker Electric
Baker Electric / Source

This company is dubbed ‘the most experienced’ in solar systems installation hence it automatically falls in the best rated solar companies in southern California. It was founded in 1938 which backs up the claim of having over 70 years of experience. During this period, Baker Electric has installed approximately 12000 residential systems. It is based in Escondido and also specializes in the installation of large commercial solar. 2015 saw this firm hit the 1-gigawatt mark in the total installed solar. Besides, they also deal in energy storage HVAC and smart home technology. They, therefore, know what they are doing and will serve you efficiently.

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Petersendean / Source

For the consumers that might have multiple residential projects, PetersenDean should be your ideal choice. They are the best general contractors in California. Their services include the installation of PV solar systems, installing new roofs, fixing fences and even replacing HVAC systems. Luckily, this company completes any of these projects with much prowess. Having been found in 1984, this firm has installed over 10000 solar frameworks. Most customers that have worked with this company praise for their high-quality customer service before and after installation. They have their base at Fremont hence install solar to residents of California, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, and Nevada as well.

Bland Solar & Air

Bland Solar & Air
Bland Solar & Air / Source

This firm was founded in 1985 and have their headquarters located in Bakersfield. It is part of the best solar companies in Bakersfield California since they have lots of experience in the installation of both commercial and residential solar systems. In addition to their focus on solar, Bland Solar & Air also specializes in the supply of HVAC systems and roofing materials. Therefore, they would be the best company to go for if you wish to combine your solar installation with major upgrades. Their selling point is that they do not make use of any subcontractor. Their preference is the utilization of an internal installation crew that is fully trained and licensed. Since all work is in-house, you are bound to have less miscommunication hence projects get completed effectively.

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NRG Clean Power

Nrg Clean Power
Nrg Clean Power / Source

Finally, NRG Clean Power fits into the best rated solar companies in California as they have approximately 30 years of experience. The company was founded in 1987 with its headquarters at Canoga Park, Los Angeles. This company also possesses offices in San Diego, Chino, and San Jose. They offer value to their consumers since, in addition to the quality installation of solar systems, they also purpose to upgrade your residence in the quest to improve energy efficiency. Therefore, you can expect insulation upgrades or even the provision of high-efficiency appliances to replace your existing ones. Partnering this with the solar systems leads to a significant reduction in your utility bill.


From the above, it is clear that there are numerous companies to assist you with either residential or commercial solar system installation. Each of the discussed companies have unique selling points. Even as you seek to go with the most suitable company for your projects, be keen on important things like certifications, licenses, warranties, reviews, and even the budget. This way, you will be able to get the value for your cash. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it ensures that you have ideal insights in your quest for the best rated solar company in your local area. Take your time to choose wisely as the best firms could be the less known.

Written by M Eduard

M. Eduard was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Eduard spent his MBA summer internship at Sungevity, a residential solar energy retail company in Oakland, CA. He started this website to share his knowledge about renewable energy.