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Electric Vechicles

Electric Cars, Yachts, Trains, Bikes or any other EV types can be found here. Stay tuned for the latest news in the industry!

Photo-Chargeable Li-Ion Batteries - Application and Performance

A Li-ion battery or lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable in which lithium ions are essential during charging or discharging. They…


Cab-less Autonomous-Fully Electric Truck

Due to the competitive need to secure the largest share in the market, most vehicle manufacturers around the globe are…


One-Pedal Driving - All You Need to Know

Electric cars have already transformed the automotive industry. They’re popularly recognized as practical, environmentally friendly, affordable, and quiet types of…


Battery Powered Cruise Ships

Last year, Hurtigruten, a Norwegian cruise operator firm unveiled the world`s first hybrid ship. According to the company`s CEO, Skjeldam,…


7 Things You Need to Know About Electric Cars

The emergence of electric vehicles (EV) has broadened the introduction of renewable energy in the sector of transport. As one…


Solar Powered Yachts Catamarans

Given the several alternatives of distributing commodities to the world economy, shipping holds the largest share since it is capable…


Solar-Powered Pavilion Volvo

Most electric vehicle owners face the risk of an incomplete journey, especially if they don't have a power backup system.…


Fastest Electric Cars in the World in 2020

These days, electric vehicles are recognized for their accelerative nature. In this, different manufacturers are increasingly promising consumers of the…


Will This Dacia Car Be The Cheapest Electric SUV On The Market?

Dacia, the Romanian auto manufacturer perhaps best loved for it’s cult following Sandero range, has announced plans to launch the…


Tesla buying guide: Comparing Tesla Model 3 vs. Model S

It is nearly second nature of any car user to upgrade to the latest car models. Definitely, it is somewhat…