A Guide on the Best Solar Companies in Florida

Solar energy is regarded as the most accessible and cheapest energy source globally. It is both a clean and renewable source which has currently attracted a lot of interest from both governmental and non-governmental organizations. The commonest way to tap solar energy either for residential or even commercial use currently is through solar panels. With Florida’s abundant sunshine, solar energy serves as an efficient way to save on utility bills and at the same time reduce the carbon print. This state has approximately 300 solar installers that you can choose from. To avoid the difficulty of settling for the most ideal for your projects, this piece offers a guide on the crème de la crème companies in Florida.

The Average Home Solar Installations in Florida

Home Solar Installations In Florida
Home Solar Installations In Florida / Photo by Mathieu Cheze

In the United States of America, Florida possesses some of the lowest installation rates. The installation is bound to offset you $2.65 per watt which falls below the national average of $3 per watt. Therefore, a 6 kW installation would add up to $15900 when incentives have not been factored in yet. Through the application of an incentive such as the federal tax credit (30%), the cost reduces up to $11130. For a 9kW installation, it would total to $23850 and $16695 with the incentive. Finally, a 12 kW would have a total cost of $31800 without the incentive and $22260 when it is taken into consideration. Depending on your energy needs, you can end up saving lots of costs during the installation.

Top Solar Companies

Solar Bear

Solar Bear Client
Solar Bear Client / Source

Solar Bear is part and parcel of the best solar companies in Tampa Florida. While it was founded in 2015 with the headquarters in Tampa, this firm has specialized in the installation of solar systems even in Cape Coral and Palm Coast. In the short period that the company has been operational, Solar Bear has been able to install approximately 1000 residential and 10 commercial solar systems. Their dedication to high-quality customer service has made them a top choice in this region. Specifically, numerous customers have cited the professional nature of the sales and customer service staff. In the quest to foster efficiency, Solar Bear also specializes in pairing their solar installations with attic insulation and duct sealing. Besides, they adhere to the standard 5-year workmanship warranty for installers in Florida.

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Goldin Solar

For the customers that might be looking for the most experienced installer, Goldin Solar is the best bet. This company is based in Orlando and was founded in 2014. However, they have been quite busy as throughout this period, they have completed the installation of around 1800 residential and 50 commercial solar projects. To cater for their increasing consumers, Goldin Solar opened additional offices in Miami and Vero Beach. The unique thing about choosing this company is that it focuses on solar installation exclusively. Chances are high that the firm has been able to hit the ground running within a short period due to their narrow focus. Besides, it gives consumers a 10-year workmanship warranty. Two of Goldin Solar’s founders are electrical and mechanical engineers contributing to their knowledge and experience.


Unicity / Source

This solar energy installer is largely hailed for its warranty. Unlike most companies in Florida that offer 5-10 year warranties, Unicity gives its consumers up to 25-years of workmanship warranty. It resembles solar panel warranties which are quite appealing. It, therefore, forms one of the best solar companies in Central Florida as it has its base in Tarpon Springs. Having been found in 2009, Unicity has installed an average of 1800 residential solar systems. Uniquely, the company focuses on the installation of premium solar components such as Enphase microinverters and Panasonic solar panels. Choosing this firm for your projects ensures that you have a long-term assurance of the project being in professional hands.

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Tampa Bay Solar

Tampa Bay Solar Review
Tampa Bay Solar Review / Source

Tampa and all of central Florida gets served adequately by Tampa Bay Solar. It is a firm that has specialized in the selling and installation of solar panels in this region. Forming part of the best solar companies in Tampa Florida, this family-owned firm provides free solar energy audits to their consumers. With the company having being found by a former Navy SEAL, you can expect high professionalism in their team. Luckily, they do their installation hence you are sure of top-notch results in your solar energy project.

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Solar Financing Options in Florida

Pace Financing
Pace Financing

Solar leases have recently been legalized in Florida. In addition to the prevalent PACE financing, Florida emerges as the state with the most ideal solar financing options. Some of these options are covered below:


This traditional financing method is the simplest. The major reason is that there are no fees or interests involved during the entire installation. You end up having the biggest return on investment since you also receive tax credits. The cash you need will be dependent on the installation size. However, be sure that you will need around $12-$30k.

PACE Financing

PACE stands for the Property Assessed Clean Energy financing. This option is available in only three states and Florida is one of them. This loan gets financed through the local government, unlike most personal loans. Therefore, PACE is attached to your home address hence you are prompted to make repayments that are linked to the annual property tax.

Solar Leases

As from 2018, solar leases were legalized. These do not oblige huge upfront payments. Moreover, the customer is not responsible for any repairs. However, remember that since you do not own the system, the tax credits such as the federal tax credit, property tax exemption and the sales tax exemption go to the installing firm.

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Bottom line

It is evident that numerous solar installation options exist across Florida. Through this guide, you will be able to compare the best solar energy companies in Florida hence arriving at the one that adequately meets your project requirements. Solar energy installation in Florida seems easier than ever before. Therefore, determine your energy needs, compare the various players in this market, understand the solar incentives and finally take into consideration the viable financing options.

Written by M Eduard

M. Eduard was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Eduard spent his MBA summer internship at Sungevity, a residential solar energy retail company in Oakland, CA. He started this website to share his knowledge about renewable energy.