The Best Solar Energy Companies in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State of Arizona experiences an average of 300 days of sunshine annually. With climatic condition, this state can be able to produce approximately 180% more energy as compared to states like New York. For this reason, there has been a steep increase in the number of solar installations in the recent past. The situation is dire in the sense that the state’s largest utility (APS) has constantly been struggling to work on all approvals that are submitted by homeowners with regards to the connection of solar energy to the grid. Besides, numerous companies continue to pop up with the quest the expand Arizona’s solar market. With over 200 installers, this article seeks to give some of the best solar companies to help you with the decision making of your project.

The Average Residential Solar Installation Costs in Arizona

At the end of 2019, the average cost of solar installation in Arizona was $3.10 per watt. This would translate to $18600 for a 6 kW installation. When you factor in the great incentives offered in the state, this cost is knocked down further. For instance, the cost of the 6 kW would reduce from $18600 to $13020 when federal tax credits are considered. On the other hand, a 10 kW system would cost $31000 and $21700 with ITC (federal tax incentives). Finally, a large installation of 12 kW that costs $37200 would translate to $26040. When deciding on the best company to work with, take into account factors like the pricing, service areas, customer service or the type of warranties. These are expounded on through the following firms in Arizona.

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Elevation Solar Company In Arizona
Elevation Solar Company In Arizona / Source

This is a local solar installation form that was established in 2014. Even with the fact that they have only existed for around 5 years, Elevation has been able to install over 4000 residential systems. Moreover, the firm has been able to create a near-perfect customer service. Numerous homeowners have cited that the sales process of Elevation is largely informative as this installer maintains an active communication plan throughout the process. Choosing this firm ensures that your energy costs are significantly reduced not only through solar installations but also through smart home management programs and energy efficiency installations. This Chandler-based company is fully certified and was named the 2019 contractor of the year for its energy-saving techniques.

PEP Solar

PEP Solar was founded in 1981 hence it is one of the best solar companies in Phoenix Arizona with regards to the experience. In this, the firm has been able to complete over 7000 residential installations. In the state, most contractors specialize in the installation of photovoltaic solar and the provision of other few services. PEP is no different as it offers an all under one roof stop for solar installation, solar tube lights for your home, EV charger, solar pool heating, and energy storage. The firm offers quality products and gives the customers a 15-year workmanship warranty.

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AZ Sun

Az Sun Services Company Arizona
Az Sun Services Company Arizona / Source

Resembling Elevation, AZ Sun is quite young as it was formed in 2015. However, that does not take away the fact that the firm has made a huge impact on the Arizona solar market. This Tempe-based company has installed over 500 residential solar installations within a span of 4 years. The unique thing with the firm is that it is a third-party installer. As such, it claims to reduce costs for homeowners if they purchase on a wholesale basis. Another differentiating factor from other players is that AZ Sun has unmatched warranties in Arizona. For instance, you are bound to get a 20-year warranty on all solar installations. With the Arizona regulations obliging only 2-year workmanship warranty, 20 years is a lot.

Technicians for Sustainability

This is a mission-driven firm that has its headquarters in Tucson. The company was founded by 4 friends in 2003 and they sought to push both environmental and ethical ideologies through solar energy. Their main focus is the installation of photovoltaic solar panels and hot water solar systems. Further, the leadership of this company states that its goal is to ensure that the natural resources of Southern Arizona are used sustainably. They also collaborate with like-minded, compatible companies making it one of the best solar companies in Tucson, Arizona.

Sun Valley Solar & Electric

Sun Valley was established in 2006 by Joe Messner and Russ Patzer. This pair had worked in Intel before conceptualizing the idea of a solar company after spotting solar power plants in Ireland and Oregon. The company is based in Phoenix whereby its quest is to cover all the roofs of this region with solar systems. According to numerous reviews, this firm offers high-quality services leading to an ideal customer experience. It was among the first companies to get certification from APS and their services are largely spread by word of mouth.

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American Solar and Roofing

American Solar And Roofing Company From Arizona
American Solar And Roofing Company From Arizona / Source

This Tempe-based company was created in 2001 and was initially referred to as American Solar Electric. The founders were Will Herndon and Sean Seitz. In 2008, the firm was expanded to a specialist roofing contractor. It leads to their selling point which is expertise in roofing and solar energy installation. As such, it has been able to serve over 5000 customers in Arizona exhibiting their prowess in these systems.

Solar Financing Options in Arizona

Solar Financing Options In Arizona
Solar Financing Options In Arizona

Three main financing types of solar installation exist in Arizona. These include cash, loans, and leases. While choosing your ideal method, strive to benefit from incentives such as the state tax credit, the federal tax credit, property tax exemption, and utility rebates.

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It is clear that even while considering the most ideal factors like the customer experience with regards to solar installation in Arizona, you are spoilt for choice. There exist numerous top-notch firms that will work with you in your energy reduction quest through solar installations. Some of these will even offer related services such as efficiency upgrades in your home or even roofing solutions. The result is that you get an all-round contractor who satisfies all your project’s needs. While the above-mentioned firms are not exhaustive, these have a good standing and will assist you in doing your due diligence research.

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