Best Solar Companies in Utah

The state of Utah is typically referred to as the United States desert playground due to its amazing arches as well as sweet spots like the Zion National Park. With this desert comes a perfect opportunity for the production of renewable solar energy. As such, Utah continues to be a top performer with regards to the residential solar installations despite also having some of the lowest utility costs in the nation. This state ranks 10th in the production of solar with an estimated output of 1700 MW annually. This is enough energy to power around 240000 residences which accounts for 6% of all the state’s power. With this high concentration of solar energy, residents of Utah have several solar installers at their disposal. This piece aims at assisting you to make an informed decision regarding the best solar companies in Utah for your project.

The Average Installation Home Solar Installation Costs in Utah

Photovoltaic solar (produces energy for daily residential use) is quite affordable in this state. This is because the estimated price of such solar installations is $3.05 per watt. This figure is lower when compared o states such as Colorado and it is just slightly above the national average of $2.98 per watt. In addition to these estimates, Utah residents that are interested in solar energy end up being eligible for both state and federal tax credits. The result is that your installation costs get significantly reduced. With the stated average price per watt, a 4 kW installation is bound to have a total cost of $12200. With the tax credits, the total cost gets reduced to $6540. On the other hand, a 6 kW with the total cost of $18300 translates to $10810 after the tax credits are considered. Large installation sizes of 10 kW with a total cost of $40500 result to $19350. It, therefore, shows that you can save a lot by opting to go with solar energy in Utah. With the utility prices rising at the estimated rate of 3.4% annually (30% faster than the national average), it would be ideal to seek the services of solar installation companies such as those discussed in the next section.

Top Utah Solar Installation Companies

Utah Solar Companies
Utah Solar Companies / Photo by Michael Hart

In the analysis of the best solar power companies in Utah, factors such as the equipment offerings, customer service, and costs were taken into account. They include:

Solar Wholesale

Solar Wholesale
Solar Wholesale / Source

This West Jordan based firm was established in 2016. While the firm has only operated for a period of 3 years, it has successfully completed hundreds of projects in the state. Moreover, Solar Wholesale has some of the best prices in Utah. They are able to keep their operating costs low as they lack a sales team. Besides, they also serve as a 3rd party installer for other companies in addition to the installation of systems that they sell themselves. These aspects ensure that costs are kept to the bare minimum hence beating most of their competitors. Numerous consumers confirm this in their reviews online. The deal gets better in that the firm also installs SolarEdge inverters. These are modern yet efficient inverters in the market that will ensure energy is conserved effectively. Finally, this company gives you a 10-year workmanship warranty that falls on the higher end in the state.


Solcius / Source

Solcius has only been around since 2015. However, within the 4-year period, they have been operational, they have installed around 6000 solar systems. The home state of this company is Arizona but has since expanded into 8 other states-Utah inclusive. This company offers the best customer service. On their website, they state that they can install your solar systems within a week after you sign an agreement with them. This is an exceptional turnaround time. Another reason you should consider going with Solcius is that the firm promises to monitor the energy production for 90 days. Thereafter, they give detailed guidelines on how to take good care of your project. A 10-year workmanship warranty for the roof is also present.

Custom Solar

Custom Solar Utah
Custom Solar Utah / Source

This is one of the oldest solar companies in Utah. Having been created in 1987, the firm joins the best solar panel companies in Davis County Utah due to their wide experience. They exclusively focus on Utah and have installed around 3000 residential solar systems. Keep in mind that Custom Solar provides the most efficient solar panels on the market as it is an authorized dealer of Sunpower. These panels are typically 20% more efficient than most standard devices. By choosing this company, you are also set to enjoy some of the longest panel warranties in Utah. You get up to 25 years which is quite unique. Besides, you also get a 10-year workmanship warranty for the roof.

Spring Solar

Spring Solar From Utah
Spring Solar From Utah / Source: Google Maps

It is a firm located in Bluffdale and started to make their stand in 2015. The firm boasts of being the least expensive solar installer in Utah. By choosing this company, you are not compromised of quality as you get the best inverters, panels, and optimizers on the market. Their cost savings root from the fact that this company is family-owned. Therefore, the team purposes to give their consumers personalized services. They also uphold both trust and integrity hence delivering value for your investment.

Utah Solar Group

Utah Solar Group
Utah Solar Group

Utah Solar has its location in Lehi and it is rather a new company in the state. It is an owner-operator company owned by Ryan Wallace. As such, he is in charge of all the sales and communication for Utah Solar Group. Therefore, the company promises personalized services in the solar installation process. The owner of the group previously established and facilitated the largest solar energy company in New Mexico. After selling the firm to his employees, Wallace moved to Utah for the purposes of pace change. The offices of Utah Solar Group are located in Salt Lake City.


As you choose the ideal solar company for your projects, strive to compare quotes, the accreditations, licenses, warranties, and even the financing options. Besides, taking advantage of financial incentives such as the federal tax credit and the state tax credits. By reading through the above, you will have several options to assist you with your project’s decision making. It also helps you research other players and compare various aspects.

Written by M Eduard

M. Eduard was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Eduard spent his MBA summer internship at Sungevity, a residential solar energy retail company in Oakland, CA. He started this website to share his knowledge about renewable energy.