Multifunctional Benches Solar Powered

Mobile phones help us in accessing the information around the world at the palm of our hands at any time and place. They also help us to relax and refreshen by watching some online clips. You, however, won’t be able to enjoy these benefits if your phone battery is low, and you don’t have a recharging option or when you don’t have access to an internet connection. However, such barriers are being eliminated due to Technological innovations. An excellent example of such changes is the multifunctional solar-powered bench. The solar-powered bench is a versatile bench for an outdoor application that allows for USB mobile charging by converting the solar energy. It meets your low voltage and internet demands by having a USB charging port and Wi-Fi hotspot, respectively. Here is everything you should know about multifunctional solar benches.


Solar panels

The solar panels in the multifunctional benches absorb the sunlight using their photovoltaic and generate direct current. With the help of an inverter, the direct current is then converted into alternating current, which is distributed to the various ports for charging the mobile devices. The excess energy generated is stored in the integrated battery. The bench can thus give a 24/7 energy supply. The same energy powers the LED lights. The lighting allows for usage of the bench no matter how dark it is.

Wi-Fi hotspot

The bench’s Wi-Fi hotspot provides you with wide coverage. You can thus connect your laptop, smartphone, or tablet and access the internet from the bench if you are under its Wi-Fi hotspot range. The multifunctional benches Wi-Fi hotspot is public, and therefore no login credentials needed to log in. All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device.

Weather and vandal proof

The multifunctional solar benches feature a durable and robust metal and wooden material that are resistant to the external forces of the weather. Apart from the sturdy frames, the multifunctional solar benches are anchored to the ground with locked screws to avoid unauthorized opening. Also, their system has surveillance cameras for monitoring, so the owner is aware of any suspicious activity.


The process of solar power generation is automated. The only involvement of human activity is required while using the bench.

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Temperature controlled

You can use the seats even during hot sunny days since the shiny white coating reflects the heat. Some multifunctional solar benches have fans that cool down the bench during summer.

Easy installation

Solar Bench Install
Solar Bench Install / Source

The process of putting up the multifunctional solar benches is easy and fast. It requires minimal installation personnel who take a maximum of 1 hour to install since the equipment comes with the installation manual.

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The benches have integrated sensors for recording the information on the number of users, the environmental conditions, and the functionality of other parts of the bench. Some benches have a display screen for making announcements and advertisements.

The benefits

Provides Excellent charging services

The main reason for the installation of solar benches is to provide charging for various electronic devices. The bench, therefore, comes with several charging ports and a separate wireless charger integrated into the acrylic glass cover. You need to use the charging pad to have your device charged wirelessly.

Informative and promotional

The large displays on most solar benches allow for the placement of information and advertisement of various brands. This is beneficial to the owner of the bench as the advertisement proceeds can cover the cost for the solar bench in less a year. The display can also help in creating awareness to the public.

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Promises the future of clean cities

Most multifunctional solar benches are durable, free from vandalism, and exclusively water-resistant promising of long service life. Additionally, they have an elegant and timeless design with perfect shape and size. They enhance the appearance of any open space quickly and can, therefore, give that appealing look for years.

Friendly to the environment

Multifunctional solar benches convert the sun’s energy into renewable energy. It is safe as it does not release harmful emissions to the environment compared to other energy sources.

Final word

Multifunctional solar benches are highly versatile.  They solve our power issues as well as connecting us to the world through the internet. They provide an efficient way of creating awareness to the public and promoting brands. For a practical application, they should be installed in public places such as squares and City Centers, learning institutions, walkways, playgrounds, and bus stations, among others.

Written by M Eduard

M. Eduard was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Eduard spent his MBA summer internship at Sungevity, a residential solar energy retail company in Oakland, CA. He started this website to share his knowledge about renewable energy.