Best solar companies in the United Kingdom

The use of solar energy has become a new trend in generating power. That has been brought about by the obvious financial and environmental benefits tied to it. As a result, many homeowners around the UK have been installing solar panels and managing them accordingly to reap the benefits related to it. The number of solar companies in the same state has also increased to serve the augmented solar power consumers. Therefore, in case you are looking for a supplier of solar products, either for commercial or domestic needs, the following list will help you to choose the right company in the UK that you can partner with.

Buy PV Direct

This company is well known for manufacturing high-quality solar panels that meet international standards. Their products are also designed with the components required for seamless mounting as well as for field interconnection. Other aspects, such as the weather condition, are kept in mind while designing solar panels, so there is no need to worry about damages caused by such factors. Besides, the company offers a warranty on workmanship, materials, and output of its products, which may vary depending on various factors. It is crucial to keep in mind that this company has a team of professionals who give particular guidelines on solar panels to clients. As this is not enough, the same technical personnel grant special requests to clients who need to meet specific requirements of installing solar gargets.

Solar supplies UK

This company is one of the main one-stop-shop with eco-friendly products for solar energy. They usually offer a wide range of renewable energy gargets such as marine solar products, solar thermal water heating, and solar panels. The client residing in the mainland UK is guaranteed to get this and other related products with free shipping to their desired area after making an order. That has been evidenced by its long history of not less than 16 years in the business, whereby it has been supplying solar products to its clients in the UK, Europe, and South America. Some of the products that they have been provided range from solar panels to solar heating systems to solar storage batteries. It is essential to keep in mind that the success of the Solar Supplies UK has been primarily contributed by its team of dedicated staff who are more than ready to help their subjects as well as the client at any point in time.

Solar Trade Sales

This company is one of the best solar companies in the UK that provides high-quality products, both online and offline. The cost of their solar garget is customer-friendly, and also, they provide technical support with a view of getting a positive outcome. Some of their goods have landed on the hands of satisfied customers who consequently gave them positive reviews. Also, it has a team of dedicated staff who determine and analyze the type of product that is likely to fit your intended project perfectly. The company has over 30 years in the trade, which makes it be a reliable farm worth of doing business with.

UK Solar Power

If your primary concern is to get high-quality British-standard solar power, then this is one of the best industries to put into consideration. It was put up in 2014 by a team of professionals from the UK solar power industry. Arguably, UK solar power supplies a wide range of quality products and services, which made it be a famous solar company. The products and services offered here range from installing and maintaining solar PV to the fitting of the electric vehicle charging point. Over the recent few decades, the company decided to expound such a supply chain by striving to provide a solution for renewable energy for both domestic and commercial needs.

SolFex Energy Systems

This company specializes in supplying solar power products in wholesale. It was established in 2006 to distribute thermal solar power products made by the leading manufacturers from Europe. Lately, it has gone a notch higher by collaborating with top brands and manufacturers who have enabled them to stock high-quality products. The price of their stocks is highly competitive and is reinforced by the team of their professionals who offer dedicated services to clients. It is worth keeping in mind that this company does not supply directly to end-users or in DIY markets.

Midsummer Energy

It is one of the reputable companies in the UK that supplies solar products, both wholesale and retail. The company started in 2005 by selling off-grid products to customers both online and offline and later expanded as a wholesale solar company. Although it does not install solar garget, this company offers technical support as well as software development and other related services.

Wind and sun

Wind and sun company gained a lot of experience in renewable energy since its formation in 1984. Furthermore, it has done business with large corporations, education institutions, NGOs, and many more solar power installers. One of the factors that have made it famous is its act of nationwide distribution of solar products clients. Professionals in this farm have been installing solar products for a big organization in the recent past, but they are no longer doing it nowadays.


This company is one of the most famous British solar companies in the UK, which delivers highly reliable solar technology since its formation in 2015. Their confidence in the goods and services that they offer allows them to assure their customers a warranty of up to 30 years. Besides, the company has been witnessed to design the panels that fit with the current technology in the industry. That ensures that their clients maximize their returns on investment and gain many benefits from solar power installation.


Without a doubt, you are likely to enjoy the benefits tied to solar energy installation, especially after partnering with the right company. Some such benefits include making cutting electricity costs, constant supply of electricity, and many others.

Written by M Eduard

M. Eduard was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Eduard spent his MBA summer internship at Sungevity, a residential solar energy retail company in Oakland, CA. He started this website to share his knowledge about renewable energy.