The Best Solar Companies in New Jersey

While many people have dubbed it ‘The Garden Estate’, New Jersey is also often called the diner capital of the globe. This is because this state has the most diners globally. With so many good things to do in this state, some residents are not even aware of the incredible renewable energy incentives offered. The Environment America Research & Policy Center has even termed New Jersey as the 5th best region to harvest energy sources such as the sun. In this, the combination of a healthy solar carve-out system, net metering, the federal tax credit as well as some of the highest utility electricity costs facilitates a high return on investment through solar installations. Since there are hundreds of companies that offer solar installation services, this piece seeks to discuss some of the best solar energy companies in New Jersey.

The Average Costs of Installing Solar in New Jersey

In this state, an average home typically requires a 5 kW solar energy system to meet their power needs. The average cost of a system of this level is $16250. The unique thing is that the numerous federal and solar tax credits will always reduce this cost significantly. Therefore, it is entirely possible to get a high-quality solar energy system from an ideal vendor at the estimated rate of $2.82 per watt specifically for cash-settled payments before any incentive is taken into consideration. For financed installations, the average cost before you factor incentives is $3.02. At these unique rates, the payback period of your project ends up being 6 years or less. With such a high return coupled with incentives makes solar energy in New Jersey a no-brainer. As such, the following list is based on factors such as the experience, the product options, financing options, employee satisfaction and even types of warranties.

Solar Me

Solar Me New Jersey
Solar Me New Jersey / Source

This is a company that was founded in 2014 and has its headquarters in South Amboy. Despite being a newer player in the state, it is the company to go for those that need the lowest solar installation costs combined with the quickest turnaround times. Here, they have an average sale to install a turnaround of 8 weeks. To facilitate quality, this firm is NABCEP certified and is also BBB accredited. Besides, their 25-year workmanship warranty on labor, solar PV installation, parts, and roofing makes it an ideal option for many residents of the garden state.

PowerLutions Solar

Powerlutions Solar New Jersey
Powerlutions Solar New Jersey / Source

On the other hand, PowerLutions makes the cut of being one of the best solar companies in New Jersey. This firm is unique in the sense that it prioritizes the empowerment of their consumers by educating them throughout the installation process. A quick peek at their website backs this up as it is full of informative articles and critical FAQ’s. Therefore, the majority of their customers end up comprehending essential aspects such as incentives in the installation process. PowerLutions has existed since 2008 and is based in Lakewood. While their education-first strategy has been hailed throughout New Jersey, the company is NABCEP certified and also offers flexible financing options.

Green Sun Energy Services

Green Sun Energy Services
Green Sun Energy Services / Source

Green Sun has been around since 2011 and has its bases in the Middletown Township. The value of choosing this company comes from the fact that they stress on sustaining a cordial relationship with their customers post the installation process. Therefore, you are sure to get a long-term energy management system to assist you in maximizing your solar energy production. Another unique thing is that the firm offers over 75 product combinations as well as 60 financing options. They also stand out with respect to their 10, 15 and 25-year workmanship warranty packages.

EcoMen Solar

EcoMen is a firm that was created in 2011 by a team of professionals that hold decades of knowledge in solar energy-related experiences. This experience makes them stand out and will be the best fit for consumers looking for a company with diverse skill sets. For instance, this firm deals in home improvement, construction as well as technological projects. In this, a good understanding of both home construction and improvement is crucial for successful solar energy installations. Just like any other player in this list, EcoMen solar is fully NABCEP certified and offers a variety of warranties. For instance, a 10+ year workmanship and 25-year power warranties exist in this Freehold Township-based firm.

Impact Solar LLC

Impact Solar Llc
Impact Solar Llc / Source

This company was established in 2015 and resides in Pennsauken Township. The major focus of Impact Solar is both transparency and compliance of the highest level in the solar installation process. As such, each of their solar design gets worked on by employees that have undergone NABCEP training. They also insist on having a licensed electrician in every installation and handle the entire paperwork without extra costs. Their clients will also enjoy the 10-year workmanship warranty and the 10-year solar production warranties. As if all this is not enough, Impact Solar also promises to pay for your electricity bills until the solar energy installation is complete. This is quite cool for the residents of New Jersey.

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Green Power Energy

Green Power is located in Annandale and was founded in 2009. It is a solar installation firm that truly believes in customizing all solar processes for its consumers. You are therefore sure of all your solar energy needs being met by this vendor. This is a unique level of attention and support that you will not find with many companies. To facilitate consistent yet reliable results, Green Power possesses 10 full installation teams who work 24/7. Combined with a 25-year warranty on labor and roof penetration as well as on other numerous products, this firm ensures that you get the best in the market.

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Solar Bright Solar

Solar Bright Solar
Solar Bright Solar / Source

Solar Bright has perfected its solar installation process since 2003 and is based in Ocean Township. Being one of the oldest companies in this list, they have mastered the process, procedures and all equipment related to solar energy. They have an active collaboration with Sunpower hence you are assured of top-notch products. The firm also has multiple financing options as well as the NABCEP certification. On top of this, you get a 25-year manufacturer warranty on all the products and a 10-year warranty on installation.


While the above New Jersey-based companies are not exhaustive, it is clear that they have diverse offerings with regards to the customer experience, warranties, and installation process. Even if choosing the best solar installer might prove to be a tough task, it all narrows down to the firm that meets all your needs.


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