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Steve Tarcos

I`m Steve, an Engineer who is highly involved and interested in the world of renewable energy. In my spare time, I play with my kids and watch documentaries.

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Photo-Chargeable Li-Ion Batteries - Application and Performance

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Cab-less Autonomous-Fully Electric Truck

Due to the competitive need to secure the largest share in the market, most vehicle manufacturers around the globe are…


Why Half-Cut Cells Are Better Than Full Cell on Solar Panels

The introduction of photovoltaic technology as an alternative renewable energy source is slowly eliminating the over-dependence of fossils fuels. This…


Is Copper Renewable Or Nonrenewable Resource

Natural resources are basicall25y things or materials utilized on earth. Usually, there are two kinds of natural resources, i.e. renewable…


Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant

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One-Pedal Driving - All You Need to Know

Electric cars have already transformed the automotive industry. They’re popularly recognized as practical, environmentally friendly, affordable, and quiet types of…