What you need to know about solar energy consultant

The utilization of solar energy has significantly increased, gearing to the many people becoming interested in specializing in the solar field. Today, many people have learned the profession and not only are they passionate in their work of integrating homes and offices using alternative energy resource but also are greatly inclined towards doing it as it should. Solar energy consultant in every country offers advice on the right solar energy usage. This is actually great for the solar industry, which has been dedicated to offering fitting solar energy needs for both commercial and residential units who are in search of employment opportunities.

Career definition

Solar energy consultants are professionals who can assist the solar firms, develop a strategic business, enhance operations, find customers, and produce solar energy sales. They can be employed in either consulting firms or solar energy firms.  Their duties can vary depending on where someone gets the job. A solar consultant can accommodate customers that require an assessment of the amount of energy they should use. They can also evaluate various factors of the firm operation to create strategies that customers can implement to minimize the energy demand. They can yet utilize this knowledge to showcase the financial benefits of utilizing solar energy as a part of sales technique. This means that they fit for sales-related tasks. They can serve as the main contact for clients who want to make a switch to solar power. Their responsibility is to enhance solar power customers by utilizing effective sale techniques. They can still foresee an opportunity by monitoring how local businesses operate and identify a potential customer.

Solar energy consultant education requirements

Solar Energy Consultant Requirements
Solar Energy Consultant Requirements

If you are really interested in embarking on your career journey as a solar energy consultant, you’ll be required to have a bachelor’s degree in this field. That said, the field requires analytical and research skills to be a competent consultant. Choices of studies encompass business, operations, engineering, and science. Some employers prefer someone who has completed a course relating to solar power or someone with a master’s degree in the course options above.

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Skills required

To be a competent solar energy consultant, you must possess excellent customer service skills. This is the skill required to effectively interact with customers and potential customers. You’ll also be required to possess great analytical skills. This is the skill required to process the information effectively and utilize it to reach a trusted conclusion. Additionally, you’ll be required to be computer literate since you’ll be utilizing analytical software and develop reports. Solar energy consultant must also possess technical skills. This is the skill required to comprehend the technology the company is promoting or researching. Above all, problem-solving skills are must-have when offering energy utilization assessments and creating power cost-saving techniques.

Responsibility of solar energy consultant

Minimize consumption

Professional consultant will work on evaluating every possible way to cut usage, which may be implementation is new technology, altering or reversing wasteful habits.

Increase efficiency

Mostly, more energy efficiency is realized through switching to the renewable energy resources or implementation of modern technology. So the consultant will come up with the best choice suited for the firm.

Evaluate system

To promote greener policies and systems, solar consultant should first evaluate the utilization demand of the system currently in place. The systems range from machinery to working hours, all under the control of the consultant.

Provide options

Usually, the work of the energy consultant is to offer as many options as possible. This should encompass the pros and cons of every option given.

Map usage

Many organizations work under complex systems of inter-joined facilities, offices, shipping routes, and warehouses. In most cases, these firms never showcase their total energy utilization; don’t possess a comprehensive picture of where and how the firm consumes energy resources. Therefore, the work of the solar energy consultant will be to assist the companies to monitor their energy usage.

Career salary

Energy consultant salary may differ depending on the country you are. In the UK, an average salary is approximately £27,000 annually. Individuals in the upper-tier earns up to £50,000. Many energy consultants work on a contract basis, although there are several full-time positions in the solar field.

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Bottom line

Hopefully, this guide elaborates everything you need to know about solar energy consultant. So if you are interested in starting your career in this field, don’t hesitate to reach out to the right specialist.


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Written by M Eduard

M. Eduard was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Eduard spent his MBA summer internship at Sungevity, a residential solar energy retail company in Oakland, CA. He started this website to share his knowledge about renewable energy.